32224A Springbank Road

Calgary, AB, T3Z 2L9

Call us: (403) 242-2223

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The Indoor Ball Facility is a great venue to accommodate teams of all ages & skill levels. If you need some help with your swing, come check out our batting cages. If you need some fielding practice, our artificial turf makes for a great infield for a large variety of drills. The Indoor Ball Facility is available for April and May!


Pitching Stations

  • 3 Jenny Finch softball pitching lanes, each with a target
  • 1 raised mound pitching lane with target

Batting Stations

  • Batting cage with 1 fastball pitching machine & 1 baseball pitching machine
  • Auto-ball tees
  • 3 net returns
  • 2 small ball machines

Fielding Stations

  • Approx. 8,000 sq. ft. of artificial turf infield with foul lines and bases
  • Sliding mat
  • 1 battery powered lite-flite machine

Indoor Ball Facility
Notes:Closed for Season