COVID-19 Update

The safety of all visitors and staff of the Springbank Park For All Seasons (SPFAS) is our first priority. SPFAS is closely following the information and recommended guidelines set forth by the Government of Alberta in relation to the SPFAS re-launch during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Return to Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation – Stage 2”.

SPFAS requires compliance from all patrons to help keep the SPFAS facility safe for players, visitors, and staff. Below is a summary of a few important changes to our facility operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic; a detailed agreement will be sent to individuals or groups who schedule a SPFAS facility.


  • Activities cannot violate a public health order.
  • Follow all directional and instructional signage posted in the SPFAS facility.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet is mandatory on and off the ice (including outside) unless you have qualified your cohort with the SPFAS Administrative Staff.
  • Wearing a mask inside the facility (hallways, change rooms, bleacher areas) is strongly recommended.
  • Wash or sanitize hands frequently.
  • Participants cannot enter the SPFAS facility any earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled time, and must vacate the facility within 15 minutes of their scheduled time ending.
  • All participants should proactively and regularly monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and communicate with their program coordinator(s) prior to participating in the activity.
  • Dogs or other pets are not permitted on the SPFAS site or in the SPFAS facilities.


  • Only ONE parent or guardian is permitted in the SPFAS facility for each participant(s). If a family has more than one child participating, only ONE parent or guardian is permitted in the facility.
  • Parents or guardians must go directly to the bleacher area once entering the SPFAS facility. If the posted bleacher occupancy is full, parents or guardians must go outside for the duration of the scheduled booking (LIVEBarn is on site, you can purchase a membership and watch from anywhere!).
  • Siblings are not permitted in the SPFAS facility unless they are an active participant in the on-ice activity.
  • Parents or guardians are not permitted to wait for their player(s) in the SPFAS lobby or hallways, please exit the facility and wait for your player(s) outside.

Change Rooms:

  •  Change rooms have a maximum occupancy of 8 people total. This mostly refers to 7 participants and 1 adult supervisor, but can be altered to accommodate what best suits the scheduled ice time.
  • Physical distance of 6 feet must be maintained in the change room.
  • Wearing a mask inside the change room is strongly recommended.
  • Parents or guardians are not permitted to enter the change room hallways or change rooms to wait for their player(s) at any point during the scheduled booking.
  • Change room showers are not available for use.

 Thank you for helping us keep the SPFAS facility safe and operational for the duration of the season!