32224A Springbank Road

Calgary, AB, T3Z 2L9

Call us: (403) 242-2223

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The Springbank Park For All Seasons Agricultural Society (SPFAS) is a non-profit agricultural society registered with the Province of Alberta. SPFAS is also registered as a charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Subject to CRA compliance requirements, SPFAS is able to issue charitable receipts for financial donations.

SPFAS is very grateful and appreciative for every financial donation received.  Each contribution is utilized to support the users of SPFAS facilities as they play, socialize and enjoy a wide array of events at SPFAS.

As a non-profit organization, SPFAS certainly appreciates receiving financial donations that can assist with funding operation activities, special events or capital development projects.

Examples of specific purposes for which financial donations can assist SPFAS are outlined as follows:

  • For a specific capital project (SPFAS has a policy and practice in place whereby new capital projects will be considered as a priority when related funds are provided to finance them).
  • For operation of a specific SPFAS facility (Outdoor rink, soccer fields, football field, or other venue)
  • For general SPFAS operations (Donated funds would be allocated to the Operating Budget)
  • For an SPFAS sponsored event (Annual Springbank Fall Fair, or specific components of the Fall Fair including the 5K Walk & Run and the Kids Zone)
  • For acquisition of a specific piece of sports, medical, or other type of equipment (To replace equipment that is worn out, or to enhance the equipment available at SPFAS)
  • For offsetting maintenance costs for a piece of equipment or facility

To obtain additional information with regards to making financial donations to SPFAS, please contact the General Manager via email at gm@springbankpark.com or click on the Paypal donate button below:

In addition to monetary support, SPFAS is always in need for volunteers, particulary with our annual Fall Fair.  If you're able to provide any of your time to help us with either the Fun Walk & Run, the Kids Zone, the Horticulture Show, general set up or take down, we are ever so thankful!  Please call us at 403-242-2223 to find out how you can help.