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The Brawn Family Foundation Field House is available to skaters and shinny players.

The Field House that is located on the west side of the building will serve as a venue where individuals can change into and out of their skates. This Field House has a rubber flooring surface so individuals can walk around it while wearing their skates. The Field House also has a full washroom with showers. This venue includes electricity and heat as well, so skaters will be able to use it to warm up both during the days and in the evenings when the Outdoor Rink is open. Skaters will be able to access the Outdoor Rink from the Field house by exiting the west door and then walking on rubber mats to get to the natural ice surface. This new facility is expected to enhance the skating experience substantially for Outdoor Rink users, especially with respect to having a warm and sheltered place to change in and out of skating equipment and with regards to providing a potable water supply as well as washroom facilities.

The Field House hosts 2 spacious Locker/Field Houses that include bathroom and shower facilities.

Field House

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