32224A Springbank Road

Calgary, AB, T3Z 2L9

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Outdoor Rink
Notes:ODR will open once a sustainable ice surface is in place


The Outdoor Rink is being converted into the

JVC Beach House, June through August !




 Partnering with JVC, the Springbank Park For All Seasons we will be turning our Outdoor Rink into a Beach Volleyball venue. It will be opening June 1st and will have 4 courts with top quality white wisconsin sand, a sound system, change rooms with washroom/showering amenities, and it will be covered by the elements to make sure that play can continue even on rain days! Inquire today to see what we have available for you!
E: rentals@springbankpark.com , P: (403) 242-2223
To see our online court availability please CLICK HERE !

1.         CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.
2.         Tell the 911 Operator that the Outdoor Rink is located at 32224A Springbank Road.
3.         Call the SPFAS Support Phone (403) 618-9152 to seek assistance while waiting for EMS to arrive.
4.         After the injury or emergency situation has been addressed, be available to assist SPFAS with the completion of an SPFAS Incident Report.   
The JVC Beach House & Fieldhouse are equipped with video surveillance cameras. The SPFAS expects all users to comply with the following rules at all times:
•    Comply with all directions given by SPFAS Staff.
•    Refrain from:
          •    the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs;
          •    bullying;
          •    littering;
          •    vandalism; and
          •    the use of profanity or other offensive language.
Call the SPFAS Support Phone (403) 618-9152 to report any non-compliance with this Code of Conduct or if you have any other questions or concerns.

Those failing to abide by these rules or who otherwise display unsafe or inappropriate behaviour may be directed to leave the facility.

Secure Your Personal Property - SPFAS is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
Keep The JVC Beach House & Fieldhouse Clean - use garbage cans and recycling bins to ensure that the facilities are in the same or better condition than when you arrived.
Parking by the JVC Beach House & Fieldhouse is very limited. SPFAS encourages you to park your vehicle in the main parking lot and walk through the main facility to the JVC Beach House & Fieldhouse.

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