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Shane Homes

Curling Ice



  • 14,626.01 sq. ft.
  • 157.1' x 93.1' 
  • Height to beam: 24'


  • Incandescent


  • 700 Banquet Style


  • Concrete

The Park's curling facility offers six sheets of ice available October through March. Visit springbankcurling.com to learn about various curling leagues and programs at the Springbank Park For All Seasons.

Available as a drypad for April through to mid September.

The Park's Curling Rink is home to the Springbank Curling Club (SCC), the Westwinds Wednesday Afternoon Ladies League, and the Friday Morning Seniors Group.

If you are interested in joining the Westwinds Ladies Curling, as an individual or team please contact; Janice Strelow Jstrelow@telus.net

The Park also offers opportunities for you to enjoy our curling facilities without being a part of a formal curling club for occasions and events such as birthday parties and family gatherings, corporate bonspiels, or other private functions. You are welcome to book curling practice times at SPFAS. You are also welcome to obtain information with regards to the the Friday Morning Seniors Group by contacting SPFAS Administrative Office - (403) 242-2223.


* Curling rink closed for the season.  See you in October! *

Curling Center
Notes:Closed for Season


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