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Calgary, AB, T3Z 2L9

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Calgary Western Riders

Calgary Western Riders is dedicated to promoting fun, safety and enjoyment for both horse and rider of all ages and experience levels. We facilitate the pursuit of equine activities in a fun, family-oriented and relaxed atmosphere; encourage good sportsmanship and good horsemanship and promote the conservation of western principles and preservation of the history of the Club.
The club has been in operation for over 60 years and every year the club is expanding. We currently have over 80 members varying between ages 3-70 that participate in gymkhanas May through September. We encourage all ages and horse/ rider abilities to participate as we have a range of categories to ride in.
Gymkhanas are held at the SES (Springbank Equestrian Park) which is located directly off Lower Springbank Road in the SW of Calgary. Besides the monthly gymkhanas, CWR events include barrel racing, pole bending, stakes race, thread the needle and flags race.

Gymkhanas Dates for 2019: 
May 26
June 23
July 21
August 25
September 15 

Rider Categories
Tiny Mite - Not yet attained 8th birthday as of January 1st
Peewee - Not yet attained 13th birthday as of January 1st
Junior - Not yet attained 18th birthday as of January 1st
Senior Novice - Over 18 as of January 1st and has never won high point in this category
Senior - Over 18 as of January 1st
Jack Benny - 39 and over as of January 1st (less competitive than Senior Novice or Senior) NO Season Awards
Green Horse - First season in gymkhana, for training, exposure NO Season Awards

Membership Fees
(For further information on day fees , season pass, early bird fees or for a membership form, please email us)
$100.00 - Family (one or two adults plus all children under 18)
$40.00 – Individual

Day Fees
$7.00 - Tiny Mite/ Peewee
$10.00 - Junior/ Green Horse
$15.00 - Senior Novice/ Senior/ Jack Benny

A rider may choose to bring another horse to ride for no points, in addition to their point horse. The Executive may decide, prior to start time, to limit the horses being ridden to point horses only should attendance be high at that particular gymkhana.

Members must participate in 3 gymkhanas in order to qualify for awards at the year.
AEF membership is required for all riders and must be verified that it is up to date by our Secretary.

Executive Board Members:
President – Gillean Parrish 
Vice President – Kelleen Buchanan
Secretary & Parade Director – Vanessa Brandt
Treasurer – Ron McLeod
Arena Director – Wayne Waddell
Special Events Director - Jeanna Wright
Director at Large - Judy Svarich


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or email for more information at calgarywesternriders@gmail.com